Epic Fail

So Saturday was not so Table today.  I had my heart SET on producing some fabulous gluten-free bagels from Simone Miller’s E-Book.

After many calls trying to find Cassava flour,  and no one knowing what I was talking about,  I settled on a substitute- I wasn’t going to wait.

Bad idea.

I used Yucca flour believing it was the same a Cassava flour- the all knowing internet right?   Subsequently, I found this “Yucca” flour at a local Mexican market and got really excited thinking it would work.

My first clue should have been when the dough looked more like cake batter.  Not wanting to be a coward, I just kept adding “Yucca flour” until it did this strange cement thing, and then it actually moved- as in growing and moving, it was FREAKISH!  But, I went with it.

Making bagel shapes became a circus act.  I had to make the ball, put my thumb through it, balance it, drop it in the water, make sure it floated in 4 minutes and then bake it for 25 minutes. No, no, no- it was like juggling chickens, it just wasn’t happening!

OMG!  WHO WANTS A BAGEL THAT BAD!!!  Not ME!  LOL, it was hilarious!

The results?  Well, the first batch tasted “ok”, BUT they were gluey, flat and ugly.  The second batch I made using Bobs Red Mill was better looking but tasted like sawdust. Yuck.

Because I am not a quitter, I will try and find this “Cassava” flour, however, if you really want a bagel and you cannot “do” gluten, then I encourage you to just give up the idea.  Bagels are not the end of the world.  Besides it won’t be long and gluten-free bagels will be popping up everywhere, unless of course, they already are.


I have found Cassava flour!




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