Fool Proof Mayonnaise

I love mayonnaise, this little French condiment rules my world- BUT only if I make it fresh at home!  I invite you to put down the Best Foods or heaven forbid the Miracle Whip and try this recipe!

I will say without hesitation that a stick blender is a must for this recipe.  It was suggested to me that I use my Vitamix, however it is too flat at the bottom to really dig in there and emulsify the mayo.  Fortunately this recipe is so hardy that you can’t screw it up! I just stuck my stick blender in there and POOF! MAGICAL GOODNESS!



From Zenbelly Cookbook

Prep Seperately:

1 TBS Lemon juice

2 TBS Water

1 TBS Vinegar

1/2 Salt finely ground

3 Egg yolks

3/4 Olive oil or Avocado oil

In a quant jar pour in egg yolks and vinegar

Blend for 1 minute and then add salt, 1 minute more

While blending add 1/2 cup of your oil RESERVING the 1/4 cup

In a slow stream pour the oil into the eggs while blending (if a stick blender, go in small circles)

You will see it coming together, when it does

Add the water, then pour the remaining oil in- again in a slow methodical stream

Add lemon juice and combine

You will have created this yummy creamy goodness!  You will be transformed!


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