Rhonda’s Chocolate Pudding

We all love a treat now and then.  Kids too.  Why not whip up something wholesome?  This recipe doesn’t use dairy or sugar!

Have some fun with it!  You can do just about anything with it once it’s done!  Top with wholesome whipped creme, shaved chocolate, chocolate chips, berries!

Here is my recipe!

Chocolate Pudding

3 TBS Hershey’s Cocoa (or a cocoa of your choice, just make sure it’s only cocoa)

1/2 TBS Grass Fed Gelatin (Great Lakes is the best, in my humble opinion)

1/2 tsp NuStevia- liquid form is best

3/4 cup of Coconut Cream ( I love Trader Joe’s brand)

Whisk together the dry ingredients in a small saucepan

While it’s warming add the coconut cream

Add the stevia

Stir until mixture becomes thick and bubbly- careful not to burn!!  Just warm it!

Pour into 2 ramekins and pop into the fridge until set!

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