Simple Garlic Mash Pork Chops

*I’ve had this blog post in the hopper for a few weeks.  I hate the picture, it’s not perfect.  I realized yesterday that maybe you don’t care about the picture as much as I do, and it is unfair to hold back such a wonderful recipe.  So excuse the poor pic, and enjoy!*

Pork chops can be a tough sell and they almost always cook up dry and tasteless.  It was probably a few years back and I was reading somewhere, I don’t remember where, about this very subject and  the recipe suggested we try another method.  I gave it a shot and haven’t looked back since.

I hope you’ll forgive the picture, it might be a little off-putting, but the taste is fabulous.  I encourage you to start using this method for cooking pork chops, and perhaps you’ll throw them on the weekly menu more often!  And like the title indicates, this recipe is really simple!

Garlic Mash Pork Chops


Good quality pork chops at least an inch thick (leave those paper thin ones to someone else!)

Magic Mushroom Salt (recipe below)

1 Cup white wine


Christopher Ranch Whole Peeled Garlic Cloves

Avocado or coconut oil for frying

1 Teaspoon garlic powder

2 Teaspoons onion powder

The Method

Set your oven to 400 degrees


With your oil begin to heat your skillet

Season your chops and let them sit for a few minutes

When your skillet is smokin’ hot (a lil smoke is fine)…

arrange the chops around your pan and brown on both sides

Once you’ve browned your chops, keeping the skillet hot, add your wine

You want to add enough liquid so it reaches about the halfway up or so point of your chops

If your wine doesn’t do the job, pour in water or broth if you have it until you reach the half way point.

Gently lift and place your oven proof skillet into the oven,  do not cover

Let the pork chops cook for approximately 45 minutes, OR until your liquid is just about ALL gone

Remove from the oven, place the garlic cloves on top of the pork chop and mash into a buttery goodness mess!



Magic Mushroom Powder

Courtesy of our friend Nom Nom Paleo, Michelle Tam

*3 ounces dried porcini mushrooms

*2 cups Diamond Crystal Kosher salt

3 tablespoons red pepper flakes

2 tablespoons dried thyme

1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper

Using a food processor, grind your dried mushrooms into a fine powder. This stuff is dusty, so be careful opening and closing the lid.

Add the remaining ingredients.

Mix until very thoroughly combined.

This makes about 4 cups of powder, so get your sealed containers out, or better yet give some of the powder to your friends!

Happy cooking and let me know if you have questions!



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