Stinky Fingers Happy Belly

Oh the joy of opening a tuna can.  Stinky fingers, stinky keyboard, strange looks.

While this may not be my sexiest post to date, I did want to take a moment and share an awesome “find” with you!

After listening to a podcast about keeping mealtimes simple, I found myself cruising the grocery store for lunchtime inspiration.

If you are anything like me, lunch at work can be a real pain in the butt.  You’re in the flow and all of a sudden your gut starts to rumble and you know what time it is.  If you don’t eat soon chances are your head is going to rotate on your shoulders and tempers will flare. You need something fast and it’s got to be healthy.

No junk food babes up in here.


You know I preach the “P” word a LOT!  PREP is everything.  If you don’t have your prepping skills down, you really need to start there.  Figure out what you want to eat for the week and make that shit happen.  If you don’t, you will most likely find yourself reaching for carbage, and that’s not a good life decision.

Enter the the tuna/salmon debate.

I love tuna, don’t get me wrong but there are times when you open that can and you are sure it’s cat food.  BLAT!  If you don’t have a good quality tuna on hand, there is no amount mayonnaise that is going perk up that nasty stuff. Not to mention the hefty price you going to be paying. If you are shelling out $3 dollars for a 5 oz can, you might find yourself at a sub shop instead.  …bad life decision…

I have an idea.  I have another choice for you.  It’s so awesome that I am blogging about it.  If you happen to be someone who hates fish, well you probably aren’t reading this anyway.  I’ll blog about non-fish lunches later, but today it’s about fish.

Salmon.  Yep, I said salmon.  Boneless, skinless salmon in the can and it’s beautiful. Nothing about this pretty pink salmon in a can will remind you of cat food. Ever.  It’s perfect.  I’ve opened dozens of cans, and everytime I get perfection.  It’s a miracle. It doesn’t smell, it’s chunky and it mixes into a salad like a dream.  Only it’s not a dream, it’s real.

It’s less expensive than tuna.  It tastes better than tuna.  It’s healthier than tuna!

Need I say more?  I didn’t think so.  You can find Chicken of the Sea Boneless Skinless Salmon everywhere, but the best prices I have found have been at Walmart and Winco.  While quality tuna can cost upwards of $3 per can, even at Walmart, salmon is going for $1.66.  Amazing right?

Salmon is just as versatile as tuna too.  If you can do it with tuna, you can do it with salmon only it will taste better-cleaner.

Among all the fantastic attributes about salmon,  the one I appreciate most is it’s high Omega 3 content.  A natural bonus and so good for you!

I challenge you to get out of your tuna salad rut and give this salmon a try!








Happy Labor Day everyone and I hope you are planning a fantastic yummy BBQ!



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