Chicken Keto Gravy

When you find something that works, use it.  Over and over again!  I purchased a bag of #Cup4Cup about a month ago.  This #glutenfreeflour is a hard worker in the kitchen and extremely reliable.

I’ve made #ketogravy in the past using xatham gum, and it was okay but in my heart I knew there must be something better.

Intro, #Cup4Cup.  While it can be a high carb food, who on earth is going to eat a whole bag!! Or for that matter tablespoons of it!  Not this girl, so why not try it out in my gravy.  Oh the joy I felt when I used this to make my roux instead of that “other” stuff.

So without any more delay, here is a simple and delicious way to make gravy, #ketochickengravy or #ketosausagegravy lickety split!

Chicken Keto Gravy

Pan drippings

1-2 Tablespoons #Cup4Cup (this dissolves very nicely, so you do want to make sure you have a sturdy paste in the pan otherwise your gravy will be too thin)

1 Cup of chicken broth

1 Cup of whole cream (double cream)

Salt and Pepper


Once you have fried up your chicken in your 1. Lard 2. Avocado Oil 3. Olive Oil (I don’t recommend) 4. Coconut Oil   you will have some beautiful brown bits in the bottom of your pan.

We are going to heat the pan gently but firmly (it may still be hot from the chicken)

Add the #Cup4Cup and make your roux making sure to scrap up the bits in the pan and incorporate well.

Once you have accomplished this, pour the chicken broth in gently but stirring all the while.

Then add your delicious cream.  Stir and stir until thick and bubbly.  If the gravy is too thick you can thin with a little more broth.

Serve hot over just about anything, it’s only going to taste that  much better!

I hope you love this condiment as much as I do!

Enjoy and cheers,


#ketoliving #primalliving #ketogravy #lowcarbgravy #lchf #lchfliving #gravyforlife #gravythattastesdelicous



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