Keto Style Yogurt

It’s creamy, and very dreamy.

I’ve been making yogurt off and on for a couple of years now.  Once going #Paleo I all but decided dairy was out of the picture and so was my yogurt maker.

It wasn’t until recently, after stepping into the #KETO world, that I thought I would pull out my trusty yogurt maker, march out of my comfort zone and try using whole organic cream coupled with half/half.

After making a trip to #NewEarthMarket to scoop up their fabulous local creams, I made my way home.

With a much lighter pocketbook and a spring in my step, I was hopeful.


My instincts were good, and I haven’t looked back since.

Lately, feeling rather confident about my yogurt skills, I’ve decided to play around with adding herbs- well lavender specifically. (so far, and I may get even more daring!)

This too was a win.

Adding lavender (powdered between my palms) to the hot cream, letting the liquid cool to temp, and straining a couple of times, it was SO fragrant that I threatened to add it to my bath!  I do not use sweeteners in my yogurt, but if you like, I think swirling some local honey into your finished product would be an absolute dream.



Why would I advocate eating whole cream yogurt?  Because it is good for you.  It’s fat, it’s rich and filling.  A little goes a long way, and I promise it will keep you feeling full all afternoon (I have it for lunch every single day during the week).  This is a powerhouse when it comes to getting your #KetoLifestyle dialed in.  Coupled with a handful of blueberries, you can bet your body will love you.

On to the recipe!  BTW-If you do not have a yogurt maker, you may want to pick one up, they aren’t expensive ($24.99) and well worth the investment.

Here is the one I use-



Rhonda’s Whole Cream Yogurt (with electric yogurt machine)


2 Cups of whole organic cream – room temp

3 Cups of organic half/half – room temp

1 6oz container of organic full fat plain yogurt – room temp (important)

In a non-reactive sauce pan and on medium to low temp (it’s your stove and you know it best) begin to heat up your creams.  This step is important, I’ve had some pretty mediocre yogurts come from not heating up the milk to temp.  Cream is especially important because it’s all fat.  Keep an eye on it, this process can get away from you very quickly.

I use a thermometer to issue that I am reaching temp, BUT the best way to know you’ve succeeded is when the milk begins to “climb” the pan.  This is a must.  Don’t worry that you see yellow swirls in the cream either, it’s just the butter fat.

Once you’ve reached temp, pull the pot from the stove and let it stand on the counter.  Your job is done for now. (some like to use ice baths, I personally like the cooling down time to be used for prepping other meals).

Strain the milk through a cheesecloth.

When the milk has reach about 95 degrees you will now add your room temperature plain yogurt.  Whisking in the yogurt, continue to do so until all the lumps have disappeared and the mixture is smooth and silky.

Carefully pour the milk into each vessel until you have used up all the liquid.  Do not put the lids on your jars, cover and set for 8 hours.

Some of you may want to try this using your own processing and that is great!  I felt this yogurt was so fantastic that I just had to make it famous!

Since perfecting this recipe I have not gone back to regular milk.  The nutritional profile is completely different and honestly this is SO much better.

Enjoy and Cheers!- RHONDA






One thought on “Keto Style Yogurt

  1. I use the same maker – my technique is a little different for keto yogurt though. I use 6 c organic creamline milk and 2 organic cream. I also allow to ferment for a full 48 hours — that gives the bacteria a chance to consume all the lactose. After cooling, I also strain off all the whey (where any remaining sugars hide). The result is a thick, rich greek-style yogurt. So very good!!


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