Panna Cotta for Fat Lovers!

I’m always on the prowl for recipes that can be adjusted to fit our Keto lives, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Not to worry, we have TONS of choices at our disposal, we just have to get creative.

I was at one of my favorite blogs the other day.  David Lebovitz is absolutely one of my favs.  There are times when I will do his recipe as stated (for my non-keto family members) and there are times when his recipe is so darn close that I will tweak it to fit my lifestyle.

Panna Cotta is one of those recipes.  It already calls for cream and gelatin (oh what a wonderful combo this is!), so my only hurdle was the sugar.

Using erythritol is a fantastic substitute in this recipe.  It will not/should not raise your blood sugars and there is no bitterness to it.  It melts effortlessly in the cream.  You will not be disappointed!

This jiggly little dessert was a winner at my “Saturday Night Table”.  We gently laid some blueberries over top and boom! Instant and satisfying bliss!

I hope you will give this a try and love it as much as I do.  Remember depending on your lifestyle this can be served with stone fruit, apples, pears or even a bunch of berries- the combinations are only limited to your imagination!



Hello Upside Down Photo! LOL!


Keto Adapted Panna Cotta 

(This recipe can easily be cut in half)


4 Cups of heavy cream or a combination of cream/half n half

1/2 Cup of erythritol (or sweetener of your choice)

2 Teaspoons of vanilla extract

4 Teaspoons of powdered unflavored gelatin

6 Tablespoons of water


Heat the heavy cream (or combo) and sugar in a medium heat saucepan. Once the sweetener has dissolved lower the temp and keep warm.

Lightly oil (I used butter) your custard cups.  This can be any vessel of your choosing just keep in mind you want it to keep it’s shape.  I like using espresso cups.

Sprinkle your gelatin over the water and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes.  This step can be done while you are heating your milk.  The gelatin is going to get very firm.

Temper the gelatin by adding a portion of your warm milk.  Whisk until smooth.  Once the gelatin is totally incorporated add the remainder of your milk.

Pour the mixture into your waiting cups.  Place in the icebox for at least 4 hours, overnight is good idea too.

When ready to serve unmold (I used a small spatula & circled around the top) onto a waiting dish and spoon your fruit/topping over and serve.

This dessert delivers a powerful tool in your fat adapted lifestyle with cream and gelatin being the main players!




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