Cream Poached & Roasted Chicken

It’s been a while hasn’t it?  Plagued with tech problems, my “over thinking it” mind couldn’t slow down for just a minute and work it out.

In the early dawn of this Sunday morning my computer and I worked it out. With coffee in hand and a smile, I sit. The house is quiet for now, but the sun is rising and before too long the quiet will surrender to children, chickens and dogs!


Meanwhile, being technically challenged in no way stopped me from scouring books, websites and the brilliant minds of my friends.  Along the way I’ve tried some things. Some good, some less good.  I will only bring you the good.

I know I’ve mentioned Mimi Thorisson (blog-#Manger) before, but she is extraordinary and she lives an extraordinary life!  She and her very large family reside in Medòc, France and I cannot help but be inspired by her work.

I’m going to call this is a very French recipe, as I don’t recall seeing this method anywhere else. I’ll give full credit to M. Petit of France (happens to be my maternal grandmother’s maiden name!).  Mimi blogged this recipe (her blog titled the recipe “Milky Roasted Chicken”), and tells the story of how she and M. Petit collaborated together to produce this very tender and tasty chicken.

Cream Roasted Chicken

1 good quality chicken 3-5 pounds (American chickens can be much larger than their European cousins)

2 cups of heavy cream

Water- add enough water to thin the cream and cover your chicken. (I used about 8 cups)

Fresh thyme and rosemary / bouquet garni will work too! I love fresh herbs so feel free to get creative!

Salt and pepper

Heat your oven to 300°/150°C

You’ll need a large deep pot (think Dutch oven).  Bring your cream/water/herb mixture to a boil and carefully put your chicken in for a bath.


Lower the heat to about medium and let your chicken go like this for about 15 to 20 minutes.


You see that my chicken isn’t quite submerged, so I weighted it with a small plate just to encourage it to stay completely under the liquid.


After about 15 minutes or so, turn off the heat and place your chicken in a large roasting pan or cast iron skillet. Ladle some of the poaching liquid over the chicken and place in your preheated oven for about an hour.  During the roasting period go ahead and baste your chicken with the poaching liquid (2 or 3 ladles). When your hour is up, crank the heat to 350° and roast for 15 minutes more, this enhances the browning.


*You’ll notice I quickly tied the birds legs together in an unconventional manner, sometimes I’m too impatient with the “proper” way to truss a bird and will do the minimum!  Feel free to truss the chicken prior to cooking!

This chicken is so tender the meat falls off the bone.  Baste a few more times and let it rest.  Resting is important, it allows the juices of the bird to remain in the flesh rather than all over your cutting board!

That’s it!  Happy poaching my friends, see you next time!




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