Keto Bread from the Queen

I woke up this morning to a new follower on Instagram and while I don’t normally dive into IG too much,  her IG moniker had me immediately travel to her website.  There I was inspired by a post telling me about Keto bread.

This subject is near and dear to my heart because carbs (#waroncarbs) are just not a big part of my lifestyle.  Oh sometimes I loosen the leash, but it’s not very often (and I fast afterwards).

Sandwiches are cool.  Yep, they always have been cool.  They’re easy to make, very portable, and you can find them everywhere….except when you are a #ketonian (Dr. Adam Nally coined that!).

While I’ve implemented 18 hours of fasting to my day, lunch is my biggest meal.  With that in mind, I have up’d the variety in my daily lunch fiesta.  Now, having this recipe under my belt just opens the door that much more.  Food is fun and shouldn’t be drudgery or routine.  Well okay, routine can be good, but let’s change it up here and there shall we?

Introducing Keto Sandwich Bread.  I have to give full credit to She liked what I was doing on IG, so I liked her back.  I found this bread, immediately went to her website and harvested the recipe.  She is in the UK and I highly recommend you check out her site.  Fannntastic!


To know me is to know I hate, despise and abhor complicated recipes, unless it’s Julia Child, I’m all in there. totally. But for the most part I do not like too many ingredients, too much fuss or too much time spent.  This bread is none of those.  It’s quick, it’s simple and it is delicious.  I’m having dreams of avocado toast, OMG!  This bread and avocados will be Keto EPIC!

Take a look-



Low Carb Keto Bread via

3 eggs  (I lost an egg white, threw in the yolk, added 3 more eggs, it was FINE!) More fat please!

1/2 brick of Full FAT cream cheese (120 grams)

40 grams of whey protein powder (I use Hoosier Hill Farms- it’s on Amazon)

25 grams psyllium husk powder (I use Now Foods powder, not seed)

1/4 tsp Himalayan salt

2 tsp baking powder

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar (ACV)

*(OPTIONS: This bread is very versatile so you can decide what seed options you want.  I chose Caraway.  It is really great. QueenKeto used a lovely seed mix from a company called Tesco, but I couldn’t find anything as nice as the one she presented.)*


  1. Pre-heat oven to 305° or 140ºC fan (150ºC static).
  2. Put dry ingredients into a bowl and whisk until well blended and there are zero lumps.
  3. In a separate bowl, soften cream cheese using a hand whisk and add eggs one at a time, whisking in between each. (This is where I deviated.  I added my wet ingredients to my VitaMix ((food processor/blender)) and made a smooth batter)
  4. Once it was smooth, I added in the dry ingredients, spoon fulls at a time) The batter will be a medium and glossy.
  5. Add the apple cider vinegar, don’t forget, this makes the rise!
  6. Pour the mix into a lightly greased loaf pan.  I’m in the US and our pans tend to be large, so the bread will be more squat.  Smaller loaf pans will give you more height but will be smaller too.  You choose.  My loaf pan is from Crate n Barrel and was just right for me in this application.  A meatloaf pan would be much too big.
  7. Bake for 35 minutes (I had to add another 10 minutes, but ovens will vary) until brown on top and an inserted toothpick comes out clean.
  8. QueenKeto says: Allow the loaf to cool, then dust with coconut flour to mimic the farmhouse look (optional). I skipped this step because it was quite beautiful on it’s own!

As you can see, it was a good morning in Rhonda’s kitchen.  I hope the weekend will bring you a good morning as well.  The sky is the limit with this recipe, so conjure up your imagination and get busy!

I’m busy picking plums and making jam.  While it’s not Keto, I will make toast and take the jam along for the ride.  You see, it’s about the joy and giving yourself a kitchen pass every now and then.  I’ll fast tomorrow!

Please give this a try and visit our friend  She is spot on!FullSizeRender (2)




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