A Bloody Maria, Oh Wait There’s More

I’ve been binge watching The Mind of a Chef.  Something caught my eye on his episode Rotten.

He pureed some beautiful looking Kimchi.  Wait whhhhhat?

I picked up our run-of-the-mill Kimchi, found everywhere here in California and brought it home to re-create that beautiful relish I saw on TV last night.

Um, yeah.  Not so beautiful was my version.  I refuse to throw out a $5 jar of Kimchi, so I got creative.

I make my own bloody mary mix and I really enjoy tequila as the alcohol of choice in this drink.

Why not make it a fermented bloody maria?  Why not?  We all know that fermented foods have tons of health benefits right?

So, if you are so inclined, and perhaps a little adventurous seek out Kimchi, good quality is highly recommended and make yourself a Sunday starter.


Fermented Bloody Maria

You will need:

2 ounces of tequila

1/2 lime juiced, and a lime garnish

2 tablespoons of pureed Kimchi

Red pepper flakes to your taste

Bloody Mary Mix (this is mine)

1 4oz can of tomato paste

4 cans of water from the tomato paste can

Worcestershire sauce this is to your taste, I like a lot

Vinegar from a hot pepper jar, again to your taste

Celery salt (be generous but not overbearing)

Salt and pepper if you choose, taste taste taste

Blend blend blend

In your glass:

In goes the ice, lime juice, the tequila, red pepper flakes and Kimchi

Top off with your bloody mary mix and squeeze a lil more lime in there

Garnish with a side of bacon, hamburger, fried eggs, olives, a salmon- whatever you want to put on a stick.

Great way to start Sunday my friends!






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